How is the therapy beneficial?
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is regarded as an integrative treatment that stimulates the damaged cells by bringing on the electrical changes within the cell that help to restore it to normal state. This therapy is beneficial because very low range of electromagnetic fields is used to create resonance within the human cells. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation by enhancing the circulation system and reviving the oxygenation process.

What is Electromagnetism?
Electromagnetism is a process which occurs due to interaction of magnetic and electrical effect. It is one of the most important concepts of physical science. The electromagnetic comprise of a soft piece of iron which is wrapped with electrical wires. When electric current flows through it, this creates a magnetic field and the iron gets magnetized. The stronger is the magnetic field the greater is the current.

What is the reason behind pain in joints?
Our bones are made up of cartilage cushions but with age and due to occurrence of diseases like osteoarthritis, injury or osteoporosis our bones begin to lose calcium. As the layer of cartilages thins the bones grind causing extreme pain. Under the normal condition our body replaces the cartilage with the help of electrical signals. These are created outside body. The replacement of cartilage is misbalanced due to which there is pain and inflammation.

How is this therapy helpful in reducing pain?
This therapy helps because pulsating electromagnetic fields influence the cell behavior by creating electrical changes around and within the cell. The improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure activating and regenerating the cells. Then the increased calcium in the body makes the bones stronger decreasing the pain. Thus it leads to healing of fracture and less risk of bone breaking.

List the general benefits of the therapy
The following are the health benefits of using this therapy which are:
  • Balances the acupuncture meridians of the body within few minutes
  • Improves recovery from physical assertion, workouts and strenuous sessions
  • Keeps the immune system strong and provides a gentle magnetic intensity which does not over-stimulate the body.
  • Reduces the pain caused due to arthritis, back pain, muscle stress and bursitis.
  • For healthier metabolism it normalizes the action of the cellular electrical voltage.

Does it helpful in wound healing?
This therapy helps in healing of wounds due to pulsating electromagnetic field which improves oxygenation and blood circulation. The wound healing improves due to transport of nutrients.

Does the therapy have any side effects?
The best part is that this therapy is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Sometimes the patient might feel a bit prickling due to improved blood circulation but there is no inadvisable prescription.

What can you expect from therapy?
The therapy is healthy and relaxing which can reduce or eliminate the need of pharmaceuticals. This can be used on humans as well animals that suffer from stiffness, painful conditions and soreness.

What to expect during a therapy session?
This treatment is soothing and all you have to do is lie on the massage table or bed which has the system on it. It requires no physical activity and most humans or animals go to a relaxed condition or simply fall asleep. They go through a therapeutic experience feeling peaceful, energized, without any aches and pain.

Are there any contraindications to use PEMF therapy?
Yes, there are contraindications for the PEMF therapy. It is not meant for persons with pacemaker, pregnancy and epileptics.

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